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RandomShit RandomShit

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Its okay

Well I don't see what people are talking about it being too fast.. it ran the perfect speed for me. Mb I just think stick movies should be rather fast tho.

I did like the action and the violence, but the loop for the music wasn't a very good one, it didn't go completly.. and sounded a bit DBZesq, but from some of the things they were doing thats the sorta thing you were going for right?

I think that once you get a story line in there, and maybe a little bit of dialogue this could be worth alot more than I have given it.

The animation did seem pretty clean, but I do think that it was way too small... I mean I think the absolute min shoudl really bee the flash default settings... This white review box that I am typing in right now has pretty much the same dimensions as the movie...

MAGmcp responds:

lol )
it was supposed to be small, cos its paintbrush sticks.. if i needed more action space i ewud make it bigger but the sticks are the same size, look at "the battelfield"... it does not suppose to have a story, its supposed be funny becuz its totaly rendom and illogical.. and it has nothing to do with dbz, i didnt even ever watch dbz i have no idea whats it about...
i fixed the sound loop i just didnt uplaod it yet cos im kinda remaking the whole movie.. and i have other flashes on my hands so im very buzy.. and there ARE dialogs, but not in words, rather in symbols... take a close look...
thanx for the review =)

Virtual Drug Session Virtual Drug Session

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This is in the drugs section?

Sorry how did something like this get into the drugs section of the site... I mean my toons I have up at the moment are not exactly what I would call quality flash but shit, this makes mine look like the matrix man.

I don't even get how that was a virtual drug taking.. u didn't show any of the effects.. just looped a needly sucking and blowing off screen.. andthe other stuff too. Well I suppose its better than some of the shit that gets onto this site...

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Ork vs Samurai Ork vs Samurai

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Orc can have a K if its 40k

Just to correct the person above, there is a fantasy game called warhammer, and a futeristic versian called Warhammer 40k, and in 40k the orcs were orcs with a K ORKS.. in comparision to there distant relatives the orcs.

I liked the animation and the art, very good, I just wish it had been longer. Still with skills like that I am sure you will be shelling out a real decent movie in no time :)

Any Episode Of DBZ Any Episode Of DBZ

Rated 1 / 5 stars

almost funny, good attempt

Okay thats a good attempt at taking the piss out of dragon ball z, i mean i like the show, but it is kinda like that, very cheesey, but its simple and i like the fighting sequances.. that aside, you should put voices in, it would add to the humour, and maybe expand a bit.. like.. i dunno use a few funny lines like...

:::Explosian from a kamehameha blast:::
:::Smoke clears:::

Or something better. just add some witty humour in there and improve a bit on the animation.. tho not much or it will be better animated than the actual show haha.

Robots In Disguise Robots In Disguise

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh dear

I watched your memories of optimus and saw promise but thought it was crap.. and then i saw this and realised that it wasn't crap.. because this is so much worse.. i couldn't even work out who the transformers were, there was no plot, no dialouge, the transforming didn't look good, the weels didn't spin... I mean i try and find good things to say about movies, you know, compliment the auther on their strengths and tell em how to improve on their weeknesses but i can no longer see any strengths in your work.

Have you done anything thats actually good? I can't be bothered to watch any more of your stuff because the last 4 things i saw were so bad. If you have done something good, let me know and I would be happy to take a look

Memories Of Optimus Memories Of Optimus

Rated 1 / 5 stars

How did this get 3.77?

Okay, nice try i guess.. and I suppose the music worked with it, even though it wasn't to my particular liking. But the animation on it was poor, really really really poor.. especially the sun going the wrong way when he was driving and the fact the weels didn't move, you just made him get bigger and smaller on a line that it didn't even connect with.

Also.. how was that memories of optimus? A bunch of half faded pictures flying accross the screen? I expected you to have something of some meaning. I loved the show whilst i was growing up, and your art wasn't bad man... just need to learn to animate and put a story of some sort in there. Pictures flying accross the screen just wont make it for a film

Dancing Rhino Dancing Rhino

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad Mate

The Art was better than alot of the flash i have seen on here, even though it was only one picture. But he was completly in sync with the music with a horrible cheesy song playing that ended up being quite humourous all together. I would use him as a character in a cartoon who randomly comes on and dances half way through or something like that.

Very good with the syncing by the way, Its hard to get something on the right beat.

If this was the first thing you did in flash I am sure that the rest of the stuff you will do will be keep getting better and better.

weebl and bob: wee-lo weebl and bob: wee-lo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sure this isn't Wobbl and Bob From MTV?

I must say I did enjoy these cartoons, but I swear i have seen them exactly the same style an colours and voice on MTV here in the UK as Wobbl and Bob.

There great simple little funny cartoons. Good Job. I would like to see david hasslhof and william shatner envolved in them in some curious way tho.

When will we stop? When will we stop?

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

No sound.. no interest

The movie was cleverly done.. and the problem with the getting stuck on the hell on earth thing is soooo annoying.. you only have to right click and press play to anyone else who gets stuck on that.. might be something you could look into fixing..

also it needs a sound track.. the idea, and everything is good.. but you need some emotional music or something in there otherwise people will just get bored.

Other than that good job :)

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Pitchshifter Tribute Pitchshifter Tribute

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I love pitchshifter...

It sucks that there going.. i've seen em 3 times.. tho not in the last year.. last time i saw em i met terry pratchet.. one of my fav authers, so i owe em that too...

the movie wasn't great but it's got pitchshifter in it and that makes it cool no matter what :)

Nice little tribute all the same :)